Man Drowns in Wellembelle

A 54year old man who feeds fishes in a pond in Welembelle in the Sissala East muncipality has been found dead after he went missing in the dam yesterday 3rd September 2019.

Eyewitness from the family in Welembelle says, the deceased ;Luridimah Babie was seen yesterday in the evening with a boat he usually uses to send feed to the fishes in the pond created and located closed to the dam.
According to Mr Jonas of Sukpariboi ,a teacher and family member narrated that “after he was not seen yesterday in the evening, darkness around the dam area prevented them from searching for him.By the next today 4th September early in the morning, a search party got into the dam and after about 6 hours of search his expired body was found under the dam and at about 3PM he was discovered”.

The report further said that the Police and a health official who visited to see the deceased indicated “there was no bruise found on the body excerpt the boat he uses to send the feed was seen dangling on the water”.Other group members from the community said ” initially the pond was located at the edge of the dam but later got untied and moved towards the middle part of the dam,but the presence of the boat did not present that as a challenge” .The group regrettably said.

The assembly member of Welembelle community Mr Tanko Daniel said” the pond was developed early this year by a non governmental organization from Tamale to help increase incomes for the single season farmers in the community”.

“The species of fish was planned to be harvested after every six months for it to be restock,but the deceased who was the leader of the group was preparing for the harvest of the fishstalk in few days to come when he got drowned and died after he solely moved to feed the fish that Tuesday evening ,instead of two persons at a time.
Mr Daniel said his death came as a shock as the group had live-jackets but,on the eve of his death ,the deceased had not put on the live jacket and also went alone on the boat and there were times you would require a hand to get the water out of the noat” The assembly member claimed.
The deceased has since been buried.

By: Balu Mohammed

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