Secretary to Wa Naa, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Addressing the Media

The Waala Group of People are a combination of Settlers from various places including Nalerigu,Walewale, Daboya, Damango, Mande in Mali, Kong in Savannah Region, Tamale and other close areas.

In Wa, most settlers are Muslims and use the Islamic approach is organizing marriage ceremonies, in the marriage, cola is sent to the family of the girl to inquire whether she is single, if the response is yes then the process begins in a mosque, ‘Furi Sodaki’ which is any holy thing demanded by the lady is provided by the man as covenant by an Islamic Scholar, after the marriage is licensed before Allah and some witnesses of both families, a daawa, counseling is done to educate the new couple on marriage, the Muslim man is afterwards allowed to take his wife home, per Islam its permitted for a man to marry at most 4 women but must be fair and balanced in taking care of them.

However there are Some Waala People who are not Muslims but traditionalists due to the number of Traditional and cultural gates, such Waala people accept cola as the first step which is ‘knocking’ afterwards some drinks are taken alongside a sheep or cow, cowries numbering over 100 that can be converted to cash and other items.

Muslim men who have committed Adultery should seize from leading people in prayer or engaging is serious Islamic issues such as marriage ceremonies or leading prayer for they are spiritually not alive.

Such people are dead people walking because In the Islamic books, any man or woman who sleep with another person outside marriage should be stoned to death, even if the person is not stoned to death it means spiritually the person is lifeless in the face of Allah and shouldn’t lead any serious Islamic issue including prayers or marriage.

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