Imoru Ayaana Performed at Miss Dumba Reality Show

An Award Winning Artiste within the Upper West Region has had his dance video trending after he had slipped off stage at a beauty and Talent Program venue.

Imoru Ayaana was billed to Perform and in the process he had decided to dance in order to impress the crowd.

In the process of executing Backsly moves mostly executed by slim buster his role model, he slipped off stage and fell at the event with over 100 people present to witness.

The development has resulted in most people turning to social media to see what really happened.

Mis Dumba is a beauty and talent show opened to indegines of Upper West Region. Several people from parts of the Region are actively participating in the show sponsored by Adonko and Organized by Pelbip Events, judges of the Program Inlcude Sampaa Pognaa Seidu Hawawu, Abu Issah Seidu, Shabida Seidu Braimah. MCs of the Show Include Malik Siita Sadat, Musah Bipuah Latifa.

Meanwhile several people have criticized the decision of the board to appoint only indegines of Wa as judges, they suggested more could have been done since Culture of the region is diverse in order to get at least a judge from a different District of setting who has a different cultural background since the program is not limited to Wa only.

Video Below

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