Lilian Naalu-Ib

The 10-week-long Miss Dumba journey is already halved and contesting queen Lilian Naalu-Ib ceases not to amaze her audience with content-rich yet captivating performances.

She continues to deliver engaging content, rich in substance, on her chosen topics to satisfy the curiosity of her audience.

Her ability to sequence events in the most chronology of form makes her audience grab with ease, and better appreciate her recitals.

Lilian always treats her audience to topic-specific and content-driven performances, perfectly dovetailed with her sense of humour which makes her audience helpless but to stand akimbo and watch with deep admiration.

Unique of her is her seemly unmatched choice of costume appropriate for each topic, setting, people, and occasion she goes upstage to perform.

Audience and other patrons of the event, who followed her performances keenly, pass honest comments about her sui generis selection of outfits.

Lilian’s last Saturday performance featured the history and celebration of Kobina Festival, a festival celebrated by the people of Lawra in the Upper West Region.

Of the festival, she gave a crisp history of its coming into being and the importance it holds in the tradition of the Lawra people.

She took her audience in a perfect chronology through the series of activities that are performed during the celebration of the festival.

She later threw to her audience a Kobina dance, whose rhythmic pattern and beauty of form effortlessly invited the audience to join in the moves.

Lilian’s ambition is to win the Miss Dumba crown, which she can leverage to better attend to the two most pressing societal needs – mental health and adolescent reproductive health.

Source: Amin Ibrahim

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