Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib, contesting queen in the ongoing Miss Dumba Beauty Pageantry, has braced herself up in the lead-up to the semifinals stage of the completion this week.

The contest seeks to promote the cultural heritage of the Upper West Region and harness the intellects of the beautiful ladies in the competition to deepen social impact through their projects.

Given the aforementioned, Miss Lilian, arguably, has proven to be felicitous for the crown by all reasonable measures.

Miss Lilian has exuded demonstrable and unmatched qualities of a queen that make her ideal for the respected title.

Her deep-seated understanding of the culture and traditions of the region coupled with her strong passion and engagement in social support activities are very much evidence of her personality and ideals.

She is a lead volunteer of Bahass Foundation, an organization that is committed to supporting mental health services in the region.

She volunteers for several other social services including the recent mobilisation of resources which culminated in the purchase of a brand new ambulance for the Upper West Regional Hospital.

Miss Lilian intends to leverage the Miss Dumba title in deepening her impact and support for mental and reproductive health activities in the region.

She is the underdog who proves much more substantial in the competition.

Source: Info Radio|Aminu Ibrahim

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