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An mtn mobile money user in Wa has cautioned people in upper west to be very careful with messages they receive and respond to, especially mobile money alerts these days.

According to the lady who requested for anonymity, a Fraudster called her at noon pleading with her to resend some money he mistakenly sent to her number.

The Fraudster explained that he wanted to send it to a relative for medical bills but mistakenly sent it to that number asking if the victim has seen the message.

The victim told the fraudster to wait whilst she confirms, soon after, a message was sent in a form of mobile money alert.


Payment receive for GH500.00 from STYLISH ENT. Koforidua.Curenntbalance GH1500.06 Available balanceGH1500.06 transat!on !D:254JAJG3695252822352223322…..

According to the lady, she quickly checked the source and realized it was a Vodafone number(+233505303905)which sent the message.

She was called again and this time she told the caller she was to go to a nearby MTN office to check before resending, this compelled the caller to send another message again suggesting the lady’s Mobile Money number was blocked so she should call the sender to ratify it.


� your account has been block by the MTN office call the mecharnt for the confirmation THANK YOU.


Few minutes later, an MTN number(0241720000) called and suggested it was from the MTN office, threatening the lady to send the amount to the fraudster.

The lady went to her Mobile Money account balance and statement to realise her balance has not changed. She went to the office and the customer care officer  informed her those numbers were from Fraudsters.

Moments after that the lady called the numbers and those numbers were switched off.

This happened in Wa on 23rd July 2019.


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