A mobile Money merchant by Name Huda was yesterday 19th June Robbed of her cash amount summing to Ghc2000.00 at kambali abreast choko Junction.

This happened around 9:30pm when an unknown man came to the merchant to withdraw an amount of Ghc600. The man was asked to allow cash out and in the process he asked some two children sitting beside the merchant to go to a nearby shop and buy him biscuits, on their return he asked them to return it and request for short-bread instead, on sending the kids away, the cash-out process wasn’t completed.

The young man who was described as hairy and dark in complexion forcefully removed two bundles of physical cash from the merchant’s drower totaling Ghc2000.00 and bolted, the Merchant who was only in her teens was in shock as she couldn’t scream for help but rather started crying.

Several attempts to chase him proved futile as he run towards Mangu.

Attempts to trace the mobile number he used for the transaction failed as MTN said no transaction was carried out so his mobile number can’t be blocked

Four issues of robbery have been made to upperwestmedia.net within a period of one week.

The merchant said she would be reporting the case to the police for necessary actions to be taken.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

By Upper West Media

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