Madam Atta called onto Tumu Radford Local News at 5 and thanked all for their support leading to the retrieval of her motor.
A motor bike that was stolen at the Tumu market yesterday belonging to Madam Atta has been found in Han after the rider heading to Wa on it.
Around 11am yesterday,the theft was reported on RadfordFM and the Police.The Police in Tumu left a distressed message with the Han Police who started watching riders.
Earlier yesterday residents of Jeffisi who suspected a rider chased him until he vanished and reappeared in Han, Mohammed from Jeffisi told Masie Breakfast Show host. ,When the thief got to Han,he defied Police orders to stop and abandoned the motor and escaped into the bush.
The abandoned motor was returned to Gwollu Police officials who handed it over Madam Atta.
About four motorbikes stolen from the Tumu area in the recent past have always headed Wa,with recent examples including Mufu’s motor that was stopped at Kowie,one that was stopped at Bugubelle,last year one was abandoned in Jeffisi and many more.

Credit: Radfordfm/Tumu

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