Dr. Godfred Jasaw Donates to BECE Candidates

In a commendable display of support for education, the Member of Parliament for Wa East Constituency, Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw has purchased mathematical sets and sanitary pads for the Wa East Education Directorate for onward distribution to this year’s BECE candidates across the district.

Under this initiative, every 2023 BECE candidate in the constituency will receive a mathematical set to aid them in their studies. Additionally, female candidates will be provided with three sanitary pads each, recognizing the importance of menstrual hygiene and ensuring that they can comfortably focus on their academic pursuits.


The MP’s generous contribution aims to minimize the financial burden faced by students as they prepare for the BECE, fostering an environment of equal opportunities for all. By providing mathematical sets, which are essential for subjects such as mathematics and science, the MP aims to enhance student’s ability to excel in these areas.


Speaking about the initiative Dr Jasaw expressed his belief in the transformative power of education and the importance of equipping students with the necessary resources to succeed. The MP emphasized that education is a fundamental pillar for societal progress and commended the candidates for their dedication to their studies amidst numerous challenges.

The Wa East Education Directorate led by the District Director Madam Ayisha Jinsung has expressed gratitude for the MP’s contribution, stating that it will go a long way in motivating and empowering the candidates. She acknowledged that many students lack access to basic learning materials and sanitary products, making the MP’s intervention crucial and timely.

This gesture of support by the MP for Wa East Constituency serves as an exemplary model for other representatives, inspiring them to prioritize education and the welfare of students. By equipping the future generation with the necessary tools and resources, it is hoped that more candidates will excel academically and contribute meaningfully to the development of the constituency and the nation as a whole.

By: Bawa Chaggu Naa

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