Mr. Bayuo and Mr. Atongo were arguing
about their sons stupidity.
Mr. Bayuo argued that his son was the
most silly than Atongo’s son. Atongo
however disagreed, so they decided to
put their sons to test. Bayuo called his son and asked him to buy something
from the market. The boy ran out without
even asking for what to buy and money.
Them Mr. Bayuo said “You see how silly
he is? he didn’t even ask for what I him to
buy or money”. Mr. Atongo retorted: “is this what you call
foolishness?, just wait and see”. Atongo
called his son and said “go home and
check if I am in the house”. Atongo’s son
took to his heel and came back panting,
“papa you are not in the house”. Mama said you are in your friend’s place.
Who is more silly, Mr. Bayuo or Atongo’s
son? Credit: Fidelis A. Da-Uri.

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