Mad Man Runs to Safety after Stabbing Trader

Shockingly on the 12th of February 2020, a young man by name Richard stabbed a fellow man to death at Duori in the Wa Municipality.

Many have referred to incident as unfortunate but deliberate on the side of the said mad who went into Hiding after committing the offensive act of murder.

The mad man by name Richard and popularly called Anyo is yet to be found after the murder of a businessman identified to be a Mossi from Burkina Faso.

People of Duori have admitted that was not the first time Richard Committed offenses without being punished concluding that if justice isn’t served the international relationship between Ghanaians and the people of Burkina will be marred.

1. Anyo Assaulted a woman purported to be the daughter of a rich man in the area known as ‘Condition’ verbally, this guy referred to the lady as a strumpet threatening to beat her up of she ever asks him not to sit in front of her father’s house, the lady called for his arrest and he was detained by the police later in the day for his threats.

2. Days after his release for attempted assault, he assaulted an apprentice into tailoring within the same vicinity and succeeded in dislocating her arm, the mentally disabled man was left to Faith with the reasons he was mad.

3. He is found of smoking marijuana within douri residential and according residents, some group of people support him financially to acquire such illegal substances.

4. Anyo stabbed a man twice to death within Duori residential area as early as 6:00am on 12th February 2020 and went into hiding after he discovered the man had died.

Checks by Upperwestmedia team proved the mad man was found of going for financial favors from the trader, luck eluded the trader the day he had no money.


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