The issue of Lawlessness in Dekyira Buase has left the country in a state of mourning as a captain of the Ghana army Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched on the street as he was going jogging.

Mr. Tuorimuo has condemned the act by such people and termed it ‘rascal’ on the part of the residents ” it’s disheartening to hear this, how can people in their sound mind behave in such a manner, this is very unlawful. The military should take instant action on the offenders, Mr. Mahama’s soul where ever he maybe should be seeking for justice by now.  Where is Ghana heading towards? ” he asked?

Captain Mahama who is the commander of the area military detachment according to his subordinates , was seen jogging along the main road and as he stopped by to ask some women for directions, the women saw a pistol on him .

The women who were alarmed by the discovery of the pistol on Captain Mahama mistook him for an armed robber thereby alerting their assembly member who allegedly organised some men to lynch him and even burnt him in the process

The women’s action is said to have been influenced by recent robbery attacks in the area with a recent one been a day before as the people in the mining town have been subjected to some serious robbery attacks.

The military officer was not in uniform when the incident happened is  said to have pleaded with the mob not lynch him indicating that he was an army officer and not a criminal, but his plea was not taken by the mob who hit him with several objects including cement blocks .

News of his death was later conveyed to his subordinates who visited the scene to ascertain things for themselves .

The body of the deceased has since been conveyed to a health facility in the area.

The youth in the area have started fleeing the town on realising that the deceased was not a criminal as they thought.

Mr. Tuorimuo is an Entrepreneur and Researcher into Social Issues.

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