Regional Organizer of The Ruling New Patriotic Party for Upper West was
Labelled a pretender who only visited Mecca as a tourist and not a true Muslim as he claims, this happened when he was addressing an issue relating to the impeachment of Charlotte Osei, The current electoral commission Chairlady.

Mr. Goveir said all procedures will be followed to ensure the chairperson was removed from office for alleged criminal offences labelled against her by Whistleblowers in her office reported to be her Drivers. The statement made by Mr. Goveir angered a caller of the radio station[ Sungmaale FM] who called to question the credibility Mr. Goveir, he said “Mr.Govier what you are saying has a question mark on whether you are truely an Alhaji or not, you hide under politics to tell lies, how can you justify that Charlotte Osei would be impeached? You speak as if you know all”.
In responds to that other callers called to defend Goveir.
Moments before the program was to be finalized One of the pundits representing NDC got annoyed with Goveir for stating that No one controls Npp and that they do what pleases them, the NDC communicator reacted by saying Govier being tagged as a fake Alhaji who only toured Mecca is not a surprise to him, this sparked misunderstanding in the newsroom of Sungmaale FM on 14th December 2017 at exactly 10:30pm


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