Hon. Ambrose P. Dery, MP Nandom and Interior Minister

Minister for Interior, Ambrose Dery has revealed that his first client as a lawyer refused to pay him legal fees.

According the Lawyer, this is in spite of the fact that he succeeded in getting the client acquitted and discharged.

He disclosed that when he asked the client for the legal fees, he was told that the service was to his “master.”

He didn’t pay me and when I asked, he told me I should be happy that I’ve defended my boss.

The Minister holds the view that if the relationship between the two tribes is emulated, it will further deepen the peace in the country.

He however indicated that “Ghana is blessed. In Ghana, we don’t have very strict hard divisions between ethnic groups

In my house, we have an Akan wife, we have a Dagomba wife and we have an Ewe wife

Source: ghanasummary.com

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