Dr. Rashid Pelpuo with Some Indegines of Wa

The Member of Parliament for Wa Central, Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo has touched on how demons Operate Spiritually.


This is another excerpt I picked from my unpublished book. It is about the spiritual being called Jinn known in Wali as Jina. Read on and make your comments


The term Jinihi is a Wali word and plural for the singular word Jina. It is the corrupted version of the Arabic word Jinn which is also driven from Latin.. Jinihi are supposed to be some spiritual beings who exist in a different life plane. Wala believe in Jinihi and their ability to influence the lives of people. The belief in Jinihi originates from Islamic or Quranic sources. Some verses of the Quran refer to the world of “both Man and Jinn.” According to the Quran, 15.27 Allah created the Jinn from fire: “And the jinn We created before, of intensely hot fire”. Though these creatures are invisible they listen when the Quran is being recited [72.1] “Say: It has been revealed to me that a party of the jinn listened, and they said: Surely we have heard a wonderful Quran”. The existence of Jinihi is therefore without dispute in the Quran. However the interpretation of the nature of a Jina is a question of controversy among th Islamic world. Among Muslims the Ahmadis do not see the Jina as a spiritual being living in the spiritual realm. However, for the overwhelming majority of Wala Muslims these creatures of Allah exist in their own spiritual world within the earth and are potent in influencing the lives of people.
According to the Wala belief they are two types of Jinihi, the good and the bad ones as well as the male and female ones. The good ones are Muslims and are friendly in the cause of mankind while the bad ones are destructive and are capable of giving people lots of emotional and psychological problems. Some good Jinihi could come to the aid of some individuals to help them out during trying difficult moments and support them to attain success. Jinihi, like men understand religion. Stories abound in Wa when people suddenly disappear into the wilderness and are not seen for several years. They reappear after years of absence with unusual psychic powers to tell how they encountered Jinihi and were kept away from the physical world of man. Such individuals would claim abilities to cure all sorts of ailments and perform some magical powers as they still maintain contact with the world of Jinihi.

With all their unusual powers it is said that Jinihi can be subservient to man. Muslims believe that the biblical King Salomon’s unusual powers was because he used the Jinn to work for him. In the QURAN [34.12] Allah made “the wind (subservient) to Sulaiman, which made a month’s journey in the morning and a month’s journey m the evening, and We made a fountain of molten copper to flow out for him, and of the jinn there were those who worked before him by the command of his Lord….” Most Wala believe in and try to work in accordance with this quranic revelation and try to work with the good Jinns or Jinihi to get them perform unusual duties for them.

The Jinihi are often out at noon and it was unheard of in Wa in the not too distant past for some people to come out from their houses to conduct normal business when it was 12noon, before the afternoon Islamic prayer.

It was said that this was the time Jinihi often were found loitering about and could do harm to a person found in the open. One of the things the Jina hate most is to meet people who have had sexual contact without the Islamic spiritual purification bath and found outside. Such people would immediately be attacked by a bad Jina and rendered with a condition of a stroke with half body dead or might be killed or rendered insane.

Jinihi are supposed to live in secluded areas that are mostly outside of town especially in mountainous areas, under very old trees and in rivers and ponds. They often operate everywhere else at night and can be a danger to people found alone at night.

A Jina may also flirt with beautiful women and when it does happen the woman may have serious psychological problems and consequently may die. Young ladies who are possessed by Jinihi are avoided by men for fear of an attack by the Jina who often would sleep with her. The lady would behave accordingly abnormally.

In such situations the parents of such ladies would look for a seasoned “Karima” who is well versed in the science of Jinihi to help salvage the victim from the grips of the tormenting Jina. In many instances the Karima would confront the Jina and sometimes used Arabic Islamic spiritual chants to order the Jina out of the person to get them free.

Some people may devote lot of time seeking contact with Jinihi so that they would make them serve them as they ones served others. With their closeness to the Jina they assume the position of soothsayers or fortunetellers.

Such individuals may follow some very queer life styles largely contrary to some of the basic principles of ordinary socal norms. As Muslims they may for instance perform prayer without the normal ablution required in Islam before prayers are said. They may also live secluded lives and perform some difficult rites to help them have direct contact with to the Jina. The jinihi have their own names and the fortuneteller would recite the name or names of a particular Jina at calculated number of times in prayer or in some form of meditation.

They would do this to break into the spiritual realm of the jinn and order them as was done by King Solomon to perform some difficult task such as predicting the fortunes of people and possibly changing aspect their lives as defined by Allah.

The Jina will do this by sneaking into the sacred abode of Allah to steal information. Acknowledging this the Quran talked about the ability of the Jina to seek into the secret of Allah to bring information to fortune tellers. When Allah sees the action of any such Jina he will send his stars as missiles to shoot down the particular Jina and not allow him to escape with the information. This is captured in several verses of the Quran for example Quran 15:17, 15;18 and 67:5;

Quran 67: 5 “And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire.”
In effect stars are decorated lamps created by Allah and used as missiles against the probing jinns who sneak into the domain throne of Allah to steal information for fortunetellers who seek help from them.

Sometimes the fortune tellers succeed and stories abound in Wa in which many Jinn operators tell the fortunes of people and bring them wealth. Others are not lucky in dealing with them especially for those who encounter bad Jinns.

Case Study
In January 2022, a friend, Tendaana told me about his friend who was a classroom teacher in Wa. For the purpose of this case study narrative I’ll refere to Tendaana’s friend as Teacher . Teacher loved Jinihi so much and went on to store the names of some of the powerful Jinihi in an electronic tablet and would listen and repeat the names deep into the night.

Teacher’s wife was worried about the conduct of her husband but it didn’t stop him from wondering into the deep spiritual realm of the Jinihi. One day my friend Tendana got a call from Teacher and requesting him to take him to a karima who could remove a particular bad Jina from his life. Teacher complained that a Jina had seized his life and was pestering him and making him behave awkward by not being able to control his actions any longer.

He lost self control and would sometimes throw himself against objects. Tendana responded and went and picked Teacher on a motorbike to a well known Islamic cleric, Sheirkh Gausu. Sheirkh Gausu is very well known to have special capability of easily interacting with Jinihi. He is known to have saved many people from the intrusion of Jinihi into their lives. However after his initial encounter with this particular Jina attacking Teacher, the Sheirkh declared he was surprised by the strength and power of the Jina on Teacher.

He declared he could not handle it. Teacher this time was terribly affected and would cry and completely refused to eat. He said the Jina was asking him not to eat anything. For 24 hours he refused to eat nor drink. When persuaded to eat he said he would eat if only he was served by a particular young girl which he said the Jina appointed to feed him. It was the only moment he tasted water and ate something. To save him from hurting himself his two leds were tired to each other. As he was becoming uncontrollable because of the torture of the Jina, Tendana put Teacher on a tricycle vehicle seeking to send him to the hospital for detention.

Teacher jumped out of the moving vehicle and fell into a gutter and was badly hurt. In a few days later he passed on.The story became known in Wa on how Teacher encountered a bad Jean and died through it.

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