David Dramani was picked up for allegedly stealing
and selling the relief items meant for the June
3 disaster victims. His arrest follows an investigation by the Greater Accra NADMO
after uncovered massive diversion
of relief items at the Ga East and Central
outfits of the disaster management body last
“He was taking some of the relief items to somewhere nobody knows and he was
intercepted by the national security people,” a
staff of NADMO said.
The staff alleged Dramani is known for
hoarding relief items to himself and “after the
June 3 disaster he kept the things somewhere and at the Dome office, and he was picking
them one after the other. Nobody knows
where he sends them and I’m not surprised at
“He claims people are jealous about him and
even told us to go and look for such post and get those items. He never gives the items to
the disaster victims.”
Meanwhile, the Greater Accra regional
coordinator for NADMO Daniel Mensah has
assured of further investiations. 1.5894861

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