The Upper West Center for National Culture through its Nadowli District Officer, Mr. Songsore Mulumba has commended the Nadowli Traditional are over swift measures put in place to protect the culture and heritage of their people.

In a publication shared by the Upper West Centre for National Culture, they revealed that the Nadowli Traditional Area has placed a Ban on the Patronage of Secular Music during funerals and other occasions due to the fact that the development is affecting education in the area, students patronize occasions with loud secular music there by aggravating juvenile delinquency in some sections of Nadowli Traditional Area.

The Chiefs and People have put measures in place to curb such menace.


Di3n Koûri at Nadowli. This is popularly called Jazz. There can be a fusion of the Xylophone with these instruments to create nice music for local dance.
This should be preferred to the Sound System where all sorts of circular music are played at late hours during funerals. This encourages lateness to school by students as they mostly patronise such events.
In Nadowli for instance, playing dance with loud speakers during funerals has been banned. This is a good move as it use to encourage profanity among young girls and boys.
Cultural dance and instruments over circular music.


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