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Miss Linda (pseudo name), a seamstress apprentice in Nadowli in the Upper West Region, is in dire need of financial and material support to complete her apprenticeship training.

Miss Linda is an orphan and single mother who is determined to brace the odds and to go through the training, a venture she believed would be the solution to her woes.

She had to drop out of school after completing Junior High School (JHS) but could not further her education in Senior High School (SHS) due to financial challenges though she had admission to Kaleo St. Basilides, a technical school in Kaleo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Miss Linda said she lost her mother in 2013 when she was in primary 6, but lost her father even earlier.

Narrating her ordeal to Info Radio, she said she had to sometimes stop the training to travel to look for money and food to keep her through a couple of months.

She is in her second year of training but is facing a lot of challenges to feed herself and her 5-year-old child.

Narrating the challenges she went through before she could start the apprenticeship training, Miss Linda said she had to labour before she could buy the sewing machine to start the training in June 2021.

“I gave birth in 2017, but I realized that if I sit at home my suffering will become worse, so I took my 8-months baby to the south where I went and laboured to buy the sewing machine to start the training”, she explained.

According to her, the little money she could gather through the labour works was also used to pay for the rent at Nadowli for two years where she resides while undergoing the training.

She indicated that she had to break from work from time to time, sometimes for months to labour to buy food which she could depend on.

Miss Linda is therefore appealing for support in cash or kind from benevolent individuals and organisations to enable her go through her apprenticeship training successfully. According to her, feeding and soap for laundry is her major challenge.

“I have realized that breaking from the training to look for food will not help me. But there is nothing I can do, so if I could get someone to help me with food and soap which my child and I will depend on, I would be very grateful”.

In case you are touched by the story of Miss Linda and you are willing to support her to go through her apprenticeship training, please call Info Radio on 0392097490 or 0540634666. You can also come to Info Radio for inquiries and to give your support.

Source: Info Radio

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