Good Day Admin, I have always advocated for Women to be assisted with house hold chores but to do that, I strongly believe one has to assess the kind of wife he or she has before attempting that practice.


Helping one’s wife at home is good, to add to that It may even be prudent to give your wife a day or two off from cooking in a week for her to have some good or quality rest time.


Back home In Nadowli, I created a time table for my wife to cook and she does that during Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for her to relax because she prepares some light foods ahead of those days and keeps them in the fridge for me, some foods like salad because I hardly eat fruits, salads were good for my health. Too much starch per my research could result in diabetes so I tried to avoid starch or Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes we could buy some koose with janjaga from outside.

One particular evening, that was on a Wednesday, I saw my wife pounding fufu with her left hand and turning the yam with her right, I felt her pain and struggle so I opted to take the pistil and assist her, we continued the practice in our own corner as a family until one evening I sat with some friends outside, we all know how childhood friends can be, in the middle of an important conversation, my wife appeared in front of us, greeted and told me ‘the yam’ was ready and that we needed to pound fufu. It was normal to me but after she left, my friends passed some comments that sought to prove my wife was beginning to grow wings, “why should your wife come in front of friends to embarrass you in such a manner, I mean, she could continue and wait for next time even if that is the norm in your house”.

At that point I felt really disappointed, I thought she could have done better, at least call me on phone or give a text, this could have prevented all the embarrassments.

At a point I was so demoralized but my friends suggested I forgive her because she is one of the pillers of our home.

I forgave her and life went on smoothly, let’s be careful with our approach towards communication, some little things have turned men away from helping their wives, when they give inn, their wives feel they are under a spell and can be controlled at ease.


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