Hon. Yemeh Suglo Luke is Assembly Member for Takpo Tuori

The Assembly Member for Takpo Tuori Electoral Area has appealed for government to assist in getting the community connected to the national grid.

Speaking to the Media in Takpo, Hon
Yemeh Suglo Luke indicated that residents have to travel far kilometers to charge their phones in order to make emergency calls.

Dori Community has over hundred residents and the absence of electricity has become a concern to them.

“.. we all know the importance of Electricity, our people are concerned about the absence of electricity in the area, we have to travel long distances to Takpo town to charge our phones..”.

Source: upperwestmedia.net

Residents of Buteli Appeal for Electricity

Residents of Buteli, a small farming community in the Nadowli -Kaleo district of the Upper West Region are appealing to the Nadowli-Kaleo district assembly and the central government for an extension of electricity to the community.

A cross section of  residents speaking to Info Radio says, the lack of electricity supply to the community is affecting their economic lives .

The Assembly Member of Takpo-Tuori Electoral Area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, Mr Yemeh Suglo Luke also speaking on the lack of electricity in the community said,  the lack of electricity in the Buteli Community has adverse effect on children’s education. According to him, school children are unable to study during the night , a situation he described as one of the causes  of poor academic  performance of school children in the community.

He added that the lack of electricity in Niiri Community within his electoral area is also a major problem to residents in that community.

Mr Yemeh further appealed to government for the extension of electricity to all Communities within the Takpo-Tuori Electoral Area to improve the living standard of residents.

Source: Info Radio

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