The Borehole was Mounted at Janguasi

Residents of Janguasi in the Jang Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have sung praises of their Assembly Member, Mr Salam Amadu Mwinbalonno, for fulfilling a borehole promise to them.

The residents were elated that the installation of the new borehole by the Assembly Member has brought relief to their doorsteps.

Madam Faustina Adama, a resident of the community, said they used to travel far to fetch from streams which put at the risk of contracting water-borne diseases.

She said the borehole was a promise of the Assembly Member and that they are elated that he has fulfilled it.

Another resident, Patrick Mosogu  Bataanye expressed gratitude to the Assembly Member for relieving their stress in accessing potable water.

He however called on the Assembly Member to undertake more development projects in the community to alleviate their plights.

Mr Salam Amadu Mwinibalonno, the Assembly Member of the area, explained he took concern of the water challenges in the community and has been working tirelessly to resolve same.

He disclosed that he had lobbied for a borehole which unfortunately did not yield any water when it was sunk.

And now, he had to work on 10-year-old abandoned borehole project which was only sunk but never completed since 2012.

Source: Info Radio

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