Hon. Yemeh Suglo Luke is Assembly Member for Takpo Tuori

Over 1000 residents in the Takpo-Tuori electoral area, located in the Nadowli-Kaleo district, have renewed their National Health Insurance Cards.

The assembly member for the Takpo-Tuori electoral area, Mr Yemeh Suglo Luke, organized this free health insurance card renewal campaign with the objective of ensuring that residents have the confidence to visit health facilities for basic healthcare.

“We all know health is wealth and so as at October, I have renewed over 1000 health insurance cards for free. All these 1000 plus people have received their cards,” he explained.

Mr Yemeh clarified that he facilitated the renewal of National Health Insurance cards for the residents with support from benevolent individuals.

Regarding the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) Programme, he mentioned that while some people in the electoral area are benefitting, a significant number of the elderly and needy are not included in the programme.

Source: Info Radio

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