The Nadowli-Kaleo Assembly has issued a helping hand to farmers willing to add cashew farming to their farming activities in the District.

The program which begun in 2018 has been able to cover a number of farmers in the district and per the District Chief Executive’s statement, it will create job opportunities and reduce rural urban migration which Is a norm in the district.

The program titled Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) is promoting six major tree crops which includes Cashew, mango, coconut, coffee, shear and palm.

The Agric Department of Nadowli-Kaleo stated that the cashew tree is resilient and can be planted in any part of the country, a reason they are much particular about that plant.

Addressing the Media at the Nadowli Assembly where it took place, they emphasized on education as a tool to convince more people into planting such a lucrative commercial crop.

Highlighting on the point, The Agric Unit Suggested they were able to distribute 15,000 seedlings in 2018 to a number of farmers which translates to 5,000 hectors. In 2019, they were able to procure 30,000 seedlings and out of the total 22,500 were received with 7,500 being expected adding that the district needs 14 agric extension officers to aid in their duties.

The CEO of Global Environmental Greening Enrichment(GEGE) also emphasized on the fact that there are a few job opportunities in the region and that farmers should use this as an opportunity to enrich themselves.

The District Chief Executive of Nadowli-Kaleo madam Katherine Lankono also emphasized on the fact that the Planting for Export and Rural Development program introduced by The President is focused on poverty alleviation. The DCE added that this type of cashew is a fast yielding one which takes at most four years to produce seeds finalizing that the market price of Cashew is higher than Cocoa suggesting that if a farmers gets at least two hectors of a cashew plantation, it will go a long way to strengthen them financially instead of the usual 3months process.


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