Takpo-Nyimbali Road Blocked by Water

The Chief and people of Nyinbali in the Nadowli-Kaleo District have expressed worry about the deplorable nature of the road from the community to Takpo.

According to the residents, a river has cut-off a section of the community along the Takpo road from where the school and the health facility are located along the Takpo road.

The residents told Info Radio at the community that the situation is affecting access to healthcare services by the people at the other side of the Nyimbali community that has been cut off as well as access to school by their children

Naa Adams Saapour Kpiepalaa ll, the Chief of the Nyimbali community, said pregnant women sometimes are unable to cross the river to access critical health services at Kaleo, while students from Nyimbali attending Junior High School at Kaleo are also unable to go to school during the raining season.

Naa Francis Kanvuoyi, sub-chief of Nyimbali-paala indicated that, many people who use the road to transact businesses are also affected during raining season.

He added that, the children at Nyimbali-Paala, the cut-off section of the community, have to stop schooling during the raining season because they cannot cross water.

Some other residents expressed disappointment in successive governments for not fixing their road and said they will not vote if government does not fix the road before 2024.

Source: Martin Kyasuo Sunti

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