Planting For Food Fertilizers in Upper West 

Small holder farmers at Goriyiri community in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region have called for government intervention in the face of spiral increases in farm and agricultural inputs.

They express fears that they would not be able to cultivate enough lands to cater for their needs this farming season.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, a farmer, Mr. Yaw Batuuro said the high cost of farm inputs is a worry to farmers because they do not have money to buy them.

He disclosed that farmers were registered to benefit from government-subsidized fertilizer but that they were not sure if they would get the fertilizer.

He said they were solely relying on the Planting for Food and Jobs subsided fertilizer on this year calling on the government can make it available to them.

Another farmer in the community, Mr. Dakogo Emmanuel lamented that the persistent increase in prices of farm inputs every day is a big challenge to farmers this year.

He said the recent uncontrolled price hikes has left them with no choice than to reduce to about one-third the number of acres they used to cultivate in previous years because of the high fertilizer and tractor service charges.

Madam Leticia Aliadong said she is forced to reduce the number of acres she cultivated last year because of the tractor service and fertilizer.

She also indicated that they were awaiting the farmer registration cards which were yet to be given them so they could be sure to benefit from the “little support” as prices soar.

Hon. Nestor Mwinetirebo, Assembly Member of the area has urged farmers in the area to prioritize cultivating less fertilizer-demanding farm crops in the face of high cost of fertilizer and farm inputs.

Source: Info Radio

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