Mr. Anthony Sumah, MP for Nadowli-Kaleo District

The Member of Parliament for Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency, Hon. Anthony Sumah has indicated his plans to extend more support to schools and other Educational Institutions in His Constituency.

Speaking to Mr. Baba Jamal of Sungmaaale FM on Nosuori Sung Program, He outlined several Challenges facing schools in the Constituency Including Lack of Furniture, absence of teachers, lack of Infrastructure as major reasons affecting the growth of Education in the District.

“Duong is calling for a school, Kokakala Enclave are in need of a school, the interest areas are early childhood schools, there some area with schools yet lack teachers, there also other areas with Schools and teachers yet without furniture, some of these are issues that are affecting the Performance of students during the BECE examinations, a school in Baase has one regular teacher”.

The Member of Parliament indicated instances where he had to intervene with extra classes to improve students Performance in the district.

“The last time I checked the results, they were not pleasing so I made an inquiry to know, I contacted the office of Ghana Education Service in my district, I told the Director of the abysmal and requested for a solution, the Director proposed that we conduct an extra classes for the students giving a period of two to three weeks intensively, before they will write their exams, I agreed and supported with money, the results are out and they(GES) have insisted they are working on the analysis, we are contemplating on whether to cook for the students, to buy the mathematical set or to find another form of Intervention at the Basic level”.

He outlined plans he has for senior high school Education, he pointed out  some number of schools in need of Infrastructure development.

“I have supported some senior high schools Including Kaleo Sec. Tech with furniture, I donated 150 desks to the school, first years had Challenges, so the 150 desks were to Assist them, I borrowed the desks and I’m yet to pay, a desk is Ghc350, 400 desks are being processed from down south to be brought into the District, I also assisted the GES office with computers from GETFUND”.

He pointed out the growing senior High Schools in his District.

“We have senior high schools that are still working to be fully equipped, we have Sombo SHS, we have St. Augustine SHS, We have Takpo Senior High School”.


One thought on “Nadowli-Kaleo: I’m Working Closely With GES to Extend Support to Schools – MP”
  1. Mr MP congratulations. Your have started well and The constituents hope that, you will continue and do more.
    However, why do you procure the furniture from Southern Ghana. We have entrepreneurs in Upper West who could provide them to reduce cost and also put money in the pockets of your voters
    There are Technical institutes in your region that could use the students to produce the furniture under the supervision of their HOD to enrich their technical skills.Next time, appreciate them and their capabilities. Thanks

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