Sualah Abdul Wahab GBC (left) was threatened by GIS Officers

An Immigration Officer at Naro in the Nadowli-Kaleo District threatened to shoot a GBC Correspondent by name Sualah Abdul Wahab when he was pressed and wanted to unrinte in the middle of a journey.

One of the Officers wanted him to cross over to the other side of the road to which he declined and explained that Crossing to that side would expose him to danger.

The incident occurred on Tuesday June 20th 2023 at a Check Point.

“We were on our way from Wa to Bolga, when we got to Naro, Naro is just 30 minutes drive away from Wa, we got to the immigration check point, they stopped us, we stopped, our driver decided to go into the bush to free himself, I also decided to urinate so I went to the officers and requested for a kettle which was just behind them so they asked me to use the kettle I took it and on my way I saw a structure made up of zinc which looked like a washroom so I asked them whether I could use the washroom he said no i couldn’t use it so I said let me move away into the bush and there was one officer there, he told me that no, I cannot go in there and urinate and I said ah! Why? he Said no, I can’t go in there and urinate, I have to leave where the officers where and cross to the other side to go and urinate, I said ah! This is very strange I’m not urinating where you are, I’m moving away to go and urinate, and he said I will not urinate on that side and I said no i cannot put my life at risk, if I’m crossing the road and something Happens, who takes responsibility for it, so I told him that I wasn’t going to cross the road to urinate and he said that if I’m a man I should go and urinate and I said ‘once I’m not urinating where you are and I’m going far to go and urinate in the bush, I’ll go and urinate and come back’…”

According to him the officer threatened him.

”.. I was being too known, If I joke he will blow my head off..”

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