Ombo Wura(Left), Afadjato (Right)

According to the Nadowli-Kaleo District Assembly, The Ombo Wura is located in Ombo. It is a very tall mountain which is of great historical and cultural significance to the people.

The natives go there to do their cultural pacifications and ask for blessings, a good harvest, and financial assistance.

Ombo Rock in Nadowli-Kaleo District

The Wura is considered a protector of the community.  It offers great adventure climbing the rounded mountain. On top of the mountain, one can have a great view of some nearby and distant communities in the upper west region. The top of the mountain offers large space for camping purposes. The mountain also serves as a pilgrim destination as it is believed to answer fervent prayer requests.

Meanwhile, there are Several Debates as to Whether Mountain Afadjato is Still the Highest Mountain in Ghana, Some Group of people have argued that the height of Ombo Mountain is likely more than that of Afadjato is the basis of the Analysis is that it should be above Sea Level.

Some Researchers have estimated that the Ombo Wura is about 915 meters high. Certainly a new feet clocked by Upper West Region, can this change a Tourism history in Ghana.

Mountain Aduadu is the Second Highest Mountain in Ghana standing at 746 metres (2,448 ft).

Mountain Afadjato is reported to be the highest mountain in Ghana standing at 885 metres (2,904 ft) above Sea Level.

Some other Tourist Sites in Nadowli-Kaleo District include Sankana Caves, Guree Crocodile Pond At Guree, Cluster Of Anthills (Falantan Anthills At Nanville), Royal Mausoleum,Sombo Foot Prints and Duong Bone-setters Clinic.



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