Sualah Abdul Wahab

A Journalist with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and Upper West Regional Overseer of Ghana Journalist Association, Mr. Sualah Abdul Wahab has revealed how two immigration Officers at Naro Checkpoint in the Nadowli-Kaleo District Threatened to kill him with a pistol on their way to bolga in the Upper East Region of Ghana on 20th June 2023.

Speaking to the GBC24 on Tuesday, he Indicated that he wanted to urinate by the roadside but the immigration Officers prevented him and insisted he crosses the road to a different side, an order he turned down with a reason that, crossing may result in an Accident or unforseen circumstances.

He identified one of the Officers as Aning Agyapong.

“So when he said that, I said no, I quickly brought my phone out and gave to my colleague and said ‘my friend record this man, have you heard him, he said he will blow off my head!’. At that time, the man I suspect was the leader of the officers was then with some people who were also believed to be Fulanis, the Fulanis were squatting on the ground, I’m telling you, so I was wondering then all of a sudden an officer by name Aning Agyapong, he got up and came to me angrily and he said I was being too known, he will show me and I said ah! Show me for having done what? And he said wait, then he went I to their office and came out with a pistol, that was the second gun that a senior officer went inside their office and brought out, when he came back, he coked the gun, in fact I was actually frightened but if he kills me, my colleagues are there.

my only crime was that I wanted to urinate and he insisted that I must cross to the other side so that was the situation and I found that to be very very strange because they are rather supposed to protect civilians but the guns that you are given, you are rather using it to threaten civilians for having done anything I don’t think it is right”.


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