Nadowli-Kaleo DCE, Katherine T. Lankono

Residents of Kalsegra in the Nadowli-Kaleo District have called for mounting speed ramps on the main road that passes through the community.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Mr. Moses, a resident, lamented that the absence of speed ramps on the main road put their lives and those of their livestock in contention with overspeeding vehicles.

He said the virgin, freeway off-ramps nature of the road gives room for drivers and riders to run through the town without recourse to human life.

He added that their school children are always at risk whenever they are crossing the road to school due to the unavailability of the speed ramps and zebra-crosses.

Mr. John, another resident, decried the lack of speed ramps, saying that the speed ramps will cause drivers and riders to slow down when on the road.

Source: Andrews Aweeh

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