Nadowli-Kaleo: Lack of Teachers at Nanville-Kpaala, Residents Appeal for Teachers

Nadowli-Kaleo DCE, Hon. Katherine T. Lankono

Residents of Nanvile-Kpaala in the Kulpieni Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have appealed to the government and the Nadowli-Kaleo District Education Directorate to increase the strength of teaching staff in Kpaala Basic School.

They said delivery of quality teaching and learning in the school is marred by inadequate teaching staff in the staff

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, Madam Christiana Kanyor, a resident of the community, said that the Kpaala Primary School is manned by only two teachers, from Basic One to Basic Six.

She lamented that the number was woefully inadequate to provide the best of education needed for the proper training and Development of their children.

She disclosed that many of the children do not always want to go to the school because they do not get tuition as the teachers are unable to consistently provide instructions across all the classes throughout the school week.

Mr. Anthony Tengaleoye, also a resident of the community, further lamented that the insufficiency of the teaching staff is drawing back the growth and development of the school as an institution to nurture and educate “children of tomorrow” which the community desired.

He empathized the two teachers are already doing their best but that their efforts could better be complemented by additional teachers.

The Assembly member of the Electoral Area, Mr. Danyi Elijah expressed disappointment in the Nadowli-District Education Directorate for not being able to provide enough teachers to facilitate effective teaching and learning in the school.

He explained that a Dutch philanthropist and retired catholic missionary, Theodorus Jabus M. Van der Geest alias Bro Dick built the Kpaala Primary school, out of benevolence, for them in the community.

He therefore anticipated that the District Education Directorate should have adequately staffed the school for improved teaching and learning, but it was not the case.

He thus appealed to the District Education Directorate to consider posting teachers to the school.

Source: Info Radio

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  1. Good evening to all listening my name is
    FIRIGARA PROSPER I want to raise my point on social media Chari KUURI primary school we have only two teachers one madam one man they are the only people who are helping the school and another solution is we have no chairs no tables in the school and for that some of the pupils they feel boring to laid down on the floor and write so please we need support from anyone who can help us.

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