Students of St. Don Bosco Special School

The Member of Parliament for Nadowli-Kaleo District, Mr. Anthony Mwinkaara Sumah has outlined measures he has put in place to assist St. Don Bosco Special School in his District.
He made Revelations on Nosuori Sung Program with Baba Jamal of Sungmaaale FM on 26th of August 2022.

St. Don Bosco Special School is a basic school Established to support children that have some form of disabilities such as retard or mompara.

“We have a school called Don Bosco, the school is within my Constituency but several people believe the school is in Wa dye to how close it it to Wa, the students have a challenge but they are also learning, we don’t want a situation where such children will end up as beggars on the streets or indulge in irregularities, I want to say God has favored us for making this School available in the Region, such schools are few in Ghana, the workers are doing well,  I told the staff they are doing a work of God, it’s difficult to take care of such children, I was impressed with the work they were doing so I opted to Assist the school,the Students there need to learn skills, the vocational section has close to nothing, they appealed for sawing machine, weaving machines and cutting tables, the also wanted logistics to produce liquid soap, sandals, I saw a girl whose hard were paralysed, she was using her legs to sew, I requested for a list of logistics they needed and donated to them”.


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