Ombo Rock in Nadowli-Kaleo District

History has it that the Ombo Mountain is Inhabited by dwarfs, the Ombo wura is believed to have mysteriously emerged from a stagnant body of water long ago.

To climb up to the Mountain, you need to follow some traditional procedures outlined by the elders of the area, the mountain taboos blood and anyone bleeding is not allowed to climb onto it. If at a point one has a cut in it, there won’t be bleeding till he or she gets down from the mountain.

Ombo Wura in Nadowli-kaleo, Upper West

A Group of White People Erected a Camping Site on the Mountain when a Thunder Storm suddenly broke out, the run for cover According to Community Members.

Some Police Officers Also Tried to Use the Mountain as a Shooting Range for Training Purposes, they later abandoned the exercise.

There is a section of the mountain called ‘Mugli Ny3 Kono’ it’s a part with well, if an individual looks into the well, he or she will see his or her own corpse and will mean death.

More Details

Located at the foothill of the village, the Ombo Mountain which is named after the community has so much historical significance. In 1905, it served as a cover for the people to withstand the onslaught of the feared slave raiders Samori and Babatu and their men, just a couple of weeks before they were eventually overpowered and killed.

At the exact location of the mountain was a river according to the narration of an elder of the village. “The mountain suddenly appeared from the river in a form of a storm”, said the narrator.
It is even believed that some of their ancestors were covered up by the mountain.

There is a particular spot of the mountain which is forbidden for anyone to go there. It is alleged that there is a well located at that particular spot called “mugli nye kono” which means “watch and cry”. It is said that one who goes to that spot and peeps into the well may see your own corpse and may die after returning home.

come and have an experience of it’s gargantuan and beautifully shaped rocky nature. When patrons arrive, and after the necessary procedures are followed, a local tour guide is assigned to lead patrons up the Rocky mountain. While on the mountain, patrons are allowed to take pictures, have fun and also write their names on the rock as a sign of their visit to the place.

Ombo mountain is a tourist site located in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region. It is situated in Ombo, at the eastern part of Kaleo, about two kilometers drive from Kaleo and six kilometers from the regional capital, Wa.


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