Health of Women

Residents of Chari-Kpong, a farming community in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region are appealing to the Nadowli- Kaleo District Assembly, benevolent individuals and organizations to come to their aid in completing the construction of their maternity ward for the community.

The Assembly Member for the Kuuri Electoral Area Mr Dabonaah Thomas speaking to Info Radio about the maternity ward construction explained that residents of the community took the initiative and contributed resources to start the construction of the maternity ward.

According to him, pregnant women in the community have to currently travel several kilometers to nearby health centers or the district hospital to deliver when in labor, due to the absence of a maternity ward in the community.

Mr. Dabonaah disclosed that a maternity ward in the community will enable pregnant women due for delivery to receive prompt medical care to avert complications during long travels to other health facilities for deliveries.

Source: Info Radio

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