Upper West Regional Director of Health, Dr. Damian Punguyire

Residents of Goriyiri in the Nadowli-Kaleo District have decried the lack of a permanent structure to serve as the health facility for the community.

They said the current structure is a rented house from where healthcare services are delivered.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community Madam Batuoro Mary, a resident, lamented that the current structure is small and cannot accommodate the patients visiting the facility.

She added that the aged, children and generally, sick people go through a lot of challenges when they are to access healthcare at Nadowli because they cannot trek to the health facility in Nadowli.

Madam Letricia Aliadong, another resident, said the rented structure they are currently using is leaking which is not good for a health facility.

She indicated that there is no delivery room at the facility which is affecting women at the community because they have to go to Nadowli for delivery services.

She therefore appeals to the government to come to their aid by providing them with health facility.

Some residents noted that if there is emergency during the night they have to go to Nadowli to access healthcare because of the health personnel do not stay at the community due to the lack of accommodation for nurses at the community.

Source: Info Radio

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