Mr. Simon Mwinpuoba (Left), Bricks(Right)

A Construction Engineer from Gbanko who is also the Assembly Member for Gbanko Electoral Area, Mr. Simon Mwinpuoba has indicated that the safest and Economically viable way to establish long lasting and standard buildings such as houses, schools, Offices, shops is by using Bricks.

He explained that Bricks are reliable and can withstand all weather, he continued that even in waterlock areas bricks can be used because they are resilient when it comes to muddy environments.

Gbanko Bricks Factory

“The bricks are reliable when used in waterlock areas, the more there is cold the building becomes stronger and resilient, bricks are also used in secondary schools for construction purposes, I’ll recommend bricks in place of cement blocks for construction if indeed we want to be self reliant and have standard buildings”.

Mr. Simon concluded that one doesn’t need to spend money on paint after using Bricks for construction.

“..One brinks are used, one doesn’t need to spend money on paint, all you need is 1,600 blocks and you can get a single room constructed..”.

Currently, a bag of cement goes for Ghc94 in some shops in Wa and Nadowli. It’s expected that prices will drop soonest after the dollar and price of fuel were reduced.


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