Women Processing Shea Butter

Women in Guree community in the Sombo East Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District are appealing to Non-governmental organizations and benevolent individuals to come to their aid by supporting their shea butter business.

Shear Butter

They appealed to benevolent individuals and organizations to provide them with Shea nut grinding machines to help the women improve their Shea processing into butter for domestic use and economic purposes.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Madam Vivian Siibu explained that the unavailability of the shea butter machine and a reliable individual, groups and NGOs to always come to Guree community and buy the shea butter oil from them is really affecting their Shea butter businesses.

Madam Prisca Yonye also a resident in the community lamented the challenges women are facing with their shea butter business processing into local oil in the community.

Madam Grace Yelviene further appealed for the shea butter machine in the community to help them sustain their Shea butter business to help their husbands cater for their families.

Source: Info Radio

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