I resided with my parents for 18 years after which I left for the DHLTU University in Wa, before leaving for the University, I had some encounters in the senior high school I attended in Kaleo from 2012 to 2015.

On of these grievous encounters was when I argued with a colleague student over a lady after class.

We were on our way to the dormitory when the girl was passing by, I dated the girl when we were in Junior High till she was enrolled in the same SHS I also found myself, my mate Rash was also interested in her and spent lots of money on her, he even bought her a phone in school and at a point the phone was seized during a surprise search in the dormitories.

I became uncomfortable with the lavish lifestyle he was teaching her because I had just a little to do that, I called Rash During one of our encounters and told him to stop anything he had to do with my partner, he refused and told me I wasn’t married to her and cannot claim ownership of her. I became upset and yelled some foul words on him, I told him he will end like his father because his father was killed over someone’s wife.

This got him upset and he warned me never to mention his parents in arguments but I didn’t care at that moment.

Few weeks later, we went on a midterm break, I was home when an elderly man called me, he is a good friend of mine and I used to weed around his house and go errands on his behalf.

He said he saw me in a bad omen and advised me to go back and make amends.

“Young man, I saw you in a negative light, did you have any horrendous encounter with someone in the past, recollect, if you have, go back to him and apologize, else you are likely to die in an Accident..”

At that point I knew I would be Rash! because I had an encounter with him over a lady. This mid term was over and I returned to school, on getting there, I looked for Rash, he wasn’t in school for close to a week, that got me worried, at that point I suspected he went to manipulate me spiritually like the elder said.

Four days on after our break, he returned, I heaved a sigh of relief and went to his cubicle, I greeted and talked to him, he asked what I wanted

“Okay! What is it, have you come here to insult me again!..”

I told him why I came and Apologized for my actions, I told him I went home and realized my mistakes and thought it wise to apologize to him for the misdemeanor, he accepted my apology and I left.

Late at night when I was about to rest after reading, I felt feverish and all of a sudden, something left my body.

That was when I confirmed what the elder said. Let’s be careful with people, we don’t know their backgrounds.

The only ideal language is kindness, let’s build it in us.

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