Alois Mohl, Former Deputy CEO of Social Investment Fund (SIF)

A Parliamentary Aspirant of Nandom Constituency Seeking to oust Lawyer Ambrose Dery in the Yet to be held NPP Parliamentary Primaries, Mr. Alois Mohl has come under attack by a Radio Station in Nandom today 20th November 2023.

According to Nandom FM, Alois and his campaign Team were putting efforts in place to soil the reputation of the Radio Station by Spreading fake flyers in public platforms.

Nandom FM also Reported that Alois Mohl’s Team faked a flyer without the Media Organization’s consent and afterwards were not granted a space in their media house to use the time they purchased, the development as a result generated misconceptions between Alois Mohl and the Radio Station.

Details of Report from Nandom FM

The attention of Nandom FM has been drawn to two sets of flyers in circulation on social media: one of them advertizing a non-existent programme scheduled on Nandom fm, and the other announcing the cancellation of same.

The Management of Nandomn FM wishes to state unequivocally, that these actions are not only deliberate and mischievous, but they are also whimsical evil actions, calculated to attract undeserving attention of the unsuspecting public. The facts are as follow: Mr. Alois Mohl never had any programme booking with Nandom fm to start with. It is true that on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Mr. Alois Mohl accompanied by his political pawn (Mahammed Kotani) visited Nandom Fm with the mission to buy airtime. At the frontdesk, GH¢200.00 meant for 30minuets airtime was paid and a receipt issued. However, the officer told them that he couldnot tell whether that particular time was available or not, and that he was going to confer with management and revert. After confering with Management, he tried reaching them back via phone but no one answered the call.

The next day, to our surprise, we saw a flyer advertizing a programme. If the radio station schedules a programme, it is the station who designs flyer and advertizes it’s programme and not the guest.
Upon seeing the flyer advertizing the non-existent programme, Mr. Alois was called last night and queried on the advert since he didn’t get back to us. He was also told that the airtime especially around the time he wanted it was accupied and therefore not available. No where in the conversation did the owner of the station come in.
It is therefore, shocking to wakeup to another flyer announcing a cancellation and linking same to the owner, who in fact, does not manage the station. It must be stated that, Nandom fm is a professional Broadcasting organization with editorial independence according to law and operates as such for emphasis, it is a lie and misleading to say that there was a programme scheduled with Mr. Alois Mohl on Nandom fm. Therefore, the said cancellation is an imagination and should be disregarded and treated with the contempt it deserves.

Mr. Alois Mohl has Reacted to The Statement of Nandom FM on Same Day by Stating:

“Do not despair says the Lord, for these are the signs of God’s favour over the journey.

#DMB2024 #aloismohl2024 #NandomRisingInUnity”

Source: Upper West Media App

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