Nandom now a Municipality

The Nandom District established by the erstwhile John Mills Administration has been Declared Municipality by President Akufo-Addo.

The District Was Declared Alongside the West Gonja District which was also established in 2012.

Declaration of Municipalities

The District referred to in schedule and establishment in the Local Government(Nandom District Assembly)
(Establishment) Instrument(2012)(LI.2102) and Local Government West Gonja District(Establishment) Instrument 2012 (LI.2069) respectively are Herby declared as municipalities and their names of the assemblies changed to municipal Assemblies.

The Member of Parliament for Nandom Constituency, Ambrose P. Dery who doubles as Interior Minister expressed his zeal and ensured the president the district will maintain its industriousness.


One thought on “Nandom District Now Nandom Municipality – Akufo-Addo”
  1. We need to be serious as a country, how can a district that was created in 2012 become a municipality in 2020 barely eight years after its creation, Lawra from which Nandom was carved out was created a district in 1907 and was elevated to municipal status in 2017, because of somebody’s parochial interests nandom is now a mockery of a municipality, then Wa should be elevated to a metropolis, if you look at the current population requirement for a district which is 75,000 people, nandom does not qualify to be a district much more a municipality, let’s be serious for once.

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