The Late Ayanatu(Center), Instrument Removed(Right), Hospital Board(Left)

A Doctor with St. Theresa Hospital in Nandom by Name Aubrey Tigwi has threatened to Sue Family of Late Haruna Ayanatu over alleged Defamation.

In a letter Dated 5 May 2022 and Issued to Upperwestmedia Team on Behalf of the Family, it Reads:


We act for and on instructions of Dr. Aubrey Tigwi in respect of the above-mentioned subject matter.

My instructions are that on April 28th, 2022, you published in the Upper West media the above referred to article as part of Upper West Regional News that the Surgical Doctor

at St. Theresa’s Hospital in the Nandom Municipality killed’ one Haruna Ayanatu.

In your said publication you stated the Doctor’s name as Dr. Oberi as the one who carried out a surgical operation on the victim on 28h November, 2019, when the latter went for child delivery and was operated upon but an instrument was left in her tummy after the process.

According to your publication, the instrument in the tummy was detected two (2) years after the surgery in a hospital in Ougadougou. Burkina Faso. The victim died at Ougadougou after the instrument was removed from her tummy on 20th February, 2022 and was buried in Burkina Faso.

By this publication you have brought into the public domain that Haruna Ayanatu died as a result of the professional negligence of a Dr. Oberi who carried out the surgical operation on her at the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom.

My Instructions are that my client is a Surgical Doctor at St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom.

After the publication, several persons have called him to ask him of his involvement in the professional negligence which resulted in the death of Haruna Ayanatu. In other words.

as far as the general public is concerned, the Dr. Oberi in your publication refers to my client.

My further instructions are that my client is a Surgical Doctor at St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom but my client was not the doctor who attended to Haruna Ayanatu.

It is therefore the contention of my client that your publication on 28th, April, 2022 is false and has brought ridicule and hatred to my client.

have the instructions of my client to demand from you and I hereby demand a retraction of your said publication and an unconditional apology rendered to my client within fen (10) days from the date of this letter.

I have further instructions from my client to proceed to institute legal action against you in the event of your failure to retract the publication and unconditionally apologize to my client without any further notice fo you.

Be advised.”


A Lady within Nandom Municipality has stated that her relative by name Haruna Ayanatu was ‘killed’ by a Surgical Doctor in the St. Theresa’s Hospital located in Nandom.

According to the Lady who requested for Anonymity,  the Doctor only Known by name Dr. Oberi had carried out a surgical operation popularly known as CS on her aunty on the 28th of November 2019, this was after the victim went for child delivery but was operated, the surgery was done twice after a first operation went wrong,  an instrument was left in her tummy after the process,  according to the victim,  when she was alive,  she felt severe pains in her tommy and went back to the hospital for redress,  she was told by the doctor that nothing was wrong with her and that she was fine, she went again the second time and was sent away according to the deceased,  the doctor stated “are you trying to teach me my work”. This was revealed by relatives of the deceased.

The deceased,  Ayanatu went home sad and distressed and in a state of confusion. She resorted to seek for assistance from different avenues.

The deceased went to Accra and was sent to 37 Military Hospital,  a scan was conducted and nothing was found,  a relative of the deceased in Burkina Faso demanded she is brought there for checks,  her immediate family initially resisted and suggested it was far from Wa,  they later complied and went to Ouagadougou,  they went to the Capital of Burkina Faso where she was Taken to Bless Compare Hospital for checkups,  it was detected in that hospital through a scan that an Instrument was left in her tommy after the surgery that took place in Nandom St. Theresa’s Hospital 2019,  the instrument was removed two years after the Surgical Operation.

The Lady’s Ayanatu died at Ouagadougou after the instrument was removed from her Tommy on 20th February 2022 and has been buried in  Burkina Faso.

The Family has expressed shock with the results and have called for investigations. Family of The Late Ayanatu have added that their relative is not the first person affected,  they added that several people have died through similar instances in the Hospital including a Fulani woman with a baby in her womb and some four others.

The issue had generated misconceptions and some group of people in Nandom advocated against the issue being taken up because the lady is a Muslim, they suggested some previous grudges between Mossis and dagaaba will he refuelled if actions are taken on the matter.

Meanwhile the family have confirmed also that the Doctor is no longer in the Hospital but has gone on leave.

Upperwestmedia Team has contacted the hospital via e-mail and they are yet to respond.


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