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My attention has been drawn to a press statement issued by Northern Patriots for Ken (NPFK) purporting to condemn what they described as an act of intimidation being meted out to one Alhassan Abubakar who supports Ken.

I am compelled to set the records straight because this ill-informed position taken by the aforementioned group is riddled with pure lies and factual inaccuracies.

First and foremost, it is important to state unequivocally that I find it disingenuous for any person or group of persons to try to link a feud

that ensued between two private individuals to the presidential candidates they support within the NPP. From the statements written by Alhassan Abubakar and the person he allegedly assaulted, nowhere did any of them mention that their feud was a result of who they support in the NPP presidential race. It therefore beggars the question of why an important group like Northern Patriots for Ken will condescend so low to support an alleged act of lawlessness by believing that the perpetuator was denied bail because he supports Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

Secondly, it will interest Northern Patriots for Ken to know that a case of assault was reported at the Nandom District Police Station by one Yibie Enock against Alhassan Abubakar. A medical form was issued to Yibie Enock.

Alhassan Abubakar was later invited and detained in police custody. For an important group like Northern Patriots for Ken to think that the police should have detained both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator of this violent act can only be described as warped logic.

Furthermore,the group also alleged that while at the police station, the Bawumia supporter was granted bail whereas the Ken supporter was denied bail. It beats my imagination how Northern Patriots for Ken could easily be so gullible to such infantile and pedestrian propaganda.

This is because Mr Yibie Enock whom they claimed is a Bawumia supporter was the complainant in this matter and it therefore defies common logic for one to think that once the accused is detained, the complainant must also be detained.

Also, NPFK in their release added that they are well aware of the orders from above for Mr. Alhassan not to be granted bail within the 48 hours mandated by law. The paranoid posture assumed by this group is so despicable, to say the least. One would have thought that a serious group that has facts on the ground that their member was being intimidated, could have mentioned the so-called powers from above but they failed to do that. This is therefore pure rumor peddling and a blatant lie that can only be a figment of their imagination.

My checks at the Nandom District Police Station reveal that Alhassan Abubakar was detained on 4th September, 2023 at 4: 00 p.m. and was arraigned before court in less than 24 hours where he was granted bail. So to say that he was detained in police custody beyond 48 hours is a pure lie.

I am by this press statement calling on the discerning general public to treat these unfounded allegations with the contempt that they deserve.


Hon. Juvenal Muokuu

(Communication Officer for NPP, Nandom Constituency)



On Monday reports reaching the Northern Patriots For Ken (NPFK) confirmed Mr. Alhassan Abubakar, a supporter of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong campaign team, was involved in a feud at Nandom District with a fellow NPP colleague who supports the Vice President Campaign. The feud led to exchange of blows.

At the Nandom police station, the Vice President supporter was granted bail whilst the supporter of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was denied bail. NPFK is well informed about special orders that came from above for Mr. Alhassan not to be granted bail within the 48 hours period allowed by law for bail.

The NPFK finds this action by the Police to contravene the United Nations human rights of which Ghana is a signatory. The NPFK also finds this unlawful act as an act of impunity, disregard for constitutional law and an attempt to threaten the Youngman from supporting Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s campaign in the Nandom District and the Upper West Region.

NPFK wishes to express strong condemnation to the Nandom Police for their refusal to grant bail for Mr. Alhassan Abubakar on grounds of his strong political support for Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to become the flag bearer of the NPP.

The NPFK unreservedly sends a strong word of caution to those in higher political office influencing the police to deny Mr. Alhassan his human right of bail to quickly grant him bail in order to maintain the most needed unity to win the Presidential elections in the aftermath of the 4th November flag bearer elections.

As one big NPP family, we should all be mindful, the contest to elect a flagbearer is an internal event that seeks to mobilise our diversity so as to make us more united and stronger to win the 2024 elections.

The victimization and violent attacks that staged the super delegates’ elections and the ongoing threats and conspiracies from higher political offices to ensure persons who do not support the Vice President bid to become the flagbearer of the NPP are tortured psychologically, emotionally, financially, and physically should be mindful the votes from these same persons will be needed to bring back the NPP to power in the 2024 presidential elections.

The NPFK wishes to assure all followers of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong especially Mr. Alhassan Abubarkari to stay resolute and continue to promote the campaign for Hon. Ken to win the November 4th elections without fear because NPFK is with you just like a shepherd and his sheep.

Those so-called power brokers in the Upper West region should be mindful of their actions and know that power is transient. A word to the wise, is in the Upper West region.


Dr. A.S. Anamzoya *(Chairman

Justin Abavere Adonadaga *(General Secretary)

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