Group from World Bank Visited Nandom

A team from World Bank has visited the Nandom District in Upper West to aid in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in the District.

The Team according to the Assembly went to key areas within the town including the Daily Market in order to take reports


A team from the World Bank was in Nandom today July 15 2019, to among other things get acquainted with some developmental gaps in the District and the possibilities to support in addressing those gaps. They DCE Mr. Thaddeus Arkum Aasoglenang conducted them through some of the areas including the Market, which is quite dilapidated and some selected roads which requires urgent attention.


2 thoughts on “Nandom: World Bank Team Visits Nandom District”
  1. Great, Nandom really needs much attention. Its name has gone higher than its development.

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