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Ambrose Dery, Interior Minister
Nandom Youth Network For Development (NYNFD) is elated on this day for this is the day the Lord has made and we are gladly rejoicing. This is the day you escaped your beloved mother’s womb happily.

She must have been a Blessed Woman and we say “garabanye” to her posthumously.

We regret to say that most of us got to know and understood you well rather late in your political career.

We’re even ashamed to admit that we contributed substantially to your initial unsuccessful political career in Nandom. We on this occasion wish to apologise to Nandom for contributing to it’s stagnation and underdevelopment all these years by our collective action of working against you politically. We take consolation in the fact that we also contributed significantly to your recent return to salvage of Nandom.

Your life has sofar been a Blessing to Nandom, to Ghana and indeed to the world. You have sofar taught us subconsciously, selflessness and the love for fellow man and especially your people (Nandomeh). You out of this love chose to forfeit your luxury in a booming law career just to carry the cross of gradually changing the self-enslaved mentality of your people and proving to them that it’s possible to do things differently.

You have changed the face of politics in Nandom, insisting that it ought to be a service to the people but not lording over the people. No wonder most of your peers are not happy with you with some having the guts to remark that you have come to spoil politics in Nandom. Your intriguing faith in God which drives you to sometimes give out your all in order to solve the problems others while believing that your God never disappoints is mind boggling.

Your commitment to education and the empowerment of particularly the youth is unparalleled and gets even mouthwatering you express your desire to see more V8 own and driven on the street of Nandom. In your barely three years of taking over Nandom leadership as our MP, virtually every community of Nandom has one thing or the other to boast about. You have not stopped supporting school fees even in the era of free SHS.

It is for these among many other reasons that we pray that God Almighty continue to Bless you, give you longer and happy life. May He provide in abundance what your heart desires. On this occasion of your Birthday, we wish you HON. AMBROSE DERY – Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency and Minister for the Interior- a very happy Birthday.

Garabanye! Naangmen maali fo.

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