Mr. Tahiru Lukman(Left), Mr. Saaka Adams(Right)

The Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath Consult and Youth Activist within the Upper West Region has defended Mr. Saaka Adams over his recent comments that Technical Students from Wa Technical Institute are more employable compared to Students of Most Senior High Schools such as Nandom SHS.

In an Interview with Annaakaa Warris on Home Radio a Few days ago, the Principal Of Wa Technical Institute,  Mr Saaka Adam, stated that most employable youth after Three years of Second Cycle Education are Technical Students,  a reason he advocated for parents to send children to technical Schools.

Mr. Lukman has defended the Principal’s Statement.

“I have background in communication and development and have passed through a senior secondary school studying science. The honest assessment is technical schools indeed gives students the real skills. Ability to talk and influence is good, however with a combined skills of practical ability. Technical education should be the way to go. But a nation with a misplaced priority, technical schools has become a second opinion”.

The Minister for Education,  Dr. Yaw Adutwum had earlier on Directed GES to Post students with weak grades to First choice schools in order for those schools to do ‘magic’ with them.

Checks from the Ministry of Education Revealed that a Principal of A Technical School Can be appointed to be a Headmaster of any Senior High School but a Senior High School Headmaster will need a Technical Background in order to qualify  to be a Principal of a Technical School.


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