4961716860429_2760416771802The government in their
latest budget requested for
GHc46.44billion to spend
but parliament on the 24th
December approved
GHC50.11billion instead, with an unexpected
difference of GHc3.67billion
in the appropriation bill? NDC Government and NPP
minority in parliament should
explain to Ghanaians what,
why and how this
GHc3.67billion got
parliamentary approval? We in IPP are not wrong to
suspect both leadership from
NDC and NPP in parliament
connived with the executive to
dope Ghanaians at Christmas
eve to the tune of GHc3.67. NPP/NDC should demonstrate
why this isn’t CREATE, LOOT
and SHARE in the highest
order? This is serious and we in IPP
won’t keep quiet until both
NPP/NDC supply answers. Kofi Akapaloo
IPP Presidential Candidate

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