Voting ground at Wa Central

The National Democratic Congress is currently undertaking an election to determine who represents the party in the 2020 elections.

Upper West has eleven constituencies and these are the number of voters according to the various constituencies.

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Upper West Region updates;
Number of Constituencies – 11
Voters Register – A Total of 9, 342 delegates are to vote, plus 1 vote alleged to have been confirmed by the Election Director making total of 9, 343
Constituency No. of voters
1. Lambusie 604
2. Wa West 1, 140
3. Wa East 969
4. Jirapa 1, 070
5. Lawra 752
6. Sissali East 754
7. Sissala West 638
8. Nadowli Kaleo 872
9. DBI 446
10. Nandom 646
11. Wa Central 1, 391 + 1
Total No. of Voters 9, 343

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Updates on Jirapa

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Voting under way at St. Augustine’s, Jirapa despite the rains.

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Upper West Region – Jirapa Constituency Updates
Over 600 delegates out of 1070 delegates, have successfully cast their votes at Jirapa Constituency


NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Upper West Region – Lawra Constituency Updates
Impressive turnout at Lawra Constituency despite protracted rains.
Lawra has 80 polling stations, 720 delegates including 28 Constituency Executives & 5 Special voters
The Aspirants in the race;
1. Hon. Bede Ziedeng
2. Daniel Tigee

Wa East Constituency

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Upper West Region – Wa East Constituency Updates
Reports are alleging that, the voting ground rules set by the party are not been generally applied on all delegates. It has it that some delegates without ID cards are allowed to vote whiles others with same situation are not permitted to vote. So far, 390 delegates out of 969 delegates have cast their votes.


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