Near-Fatal Accident at Choko-Kambali; Properties Lost[Photos]

A PWD Ghanem Registered Caterpillar Bulldozer missed its way this afternoon 7th June 2018 into a fitting shop in Choko after the driver alleged to be a driver mate over sped and veered off the road into the shop.

The Caterpillar driver and a follower after the accident left the truck behind and sped off to safe their lives.
The truck according to eyewitnesses was from wonnuo junction sloaping to the main road linking sombo and Kambali when all of a sudden it changed direction, the truck was reported to have crushed the district chief executive of Nadowli-Kaleo’s Nissan Jeep with registration number GN 1960 – 11 as she was approaching her house from a meeting, the car had a flat tyre instantly with some parts of it broken down.
The truck also destroyed motorbikes numbering 5, one Apsonic Aloba Registered M- 18 – UW 5327 , three Luojia Motorbikes 1. M- 12- UW 3030.. 2. M- 15- UW 563.. 3.M – 16 – UW 358 and An Apsonic CG 125 With Number M-15- GW 3542 which were sent for maintenance at the said fitting shop and valued at Ghc15,000.
Efforts were made by the shop owner to meet the truck owner after they successfully escaped a near fatal accident.

Police and the MTTU later arrived to take records of the accident after which PW Ghanem asked for a list of damaged items for replacement.
Madam Katherine Lankono was later in the afternoon rushed to her house for a rest after a grievous experience.


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