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Our Evil and Uncouth Ways have made life unbearable and unfortunate. Life is meant to be long and enjoyable, if life were to be short it Should cut across globally not only in Africa, I have not heard of anyone in Switzerland or Japan Complaining of life being Short.

Firstly, We can’t eat junk food and expect life to be long, Let’s resort to our local fertilizer.

Secondly, Our health system is controlled by business moguls in India and other countries, do they care about the consequences at you side? they care about the money.

Thirdly, Our food is controlled by foreign business moguls, most care less about consequences of Fertilizer etc on us, all they care about is the Cash

Fourthly, Our Media Space is controlled by other countries, putting pressure on the poor and pressure on the rich to amass wealth no matter what, we don’t always need a new car Evey year or a wardrope full of foreign cotton, it’s pressure from the Media unleased on society to control those at sight.

Furthermore, Our Vehicles and their standards are controlled by the outside world, carwels of vehicles are very soft these days, any little accident, they crumple and kill, that is determined by a standards Authority. Life isn’t Short.

To add to that, Our Schools have become options and not a priority, all curricula there is determined by the outside world, in the end they manipulate it to their favor. No body will tell you or show you everything.

In addition to that, Our own ways have made life Short, too many babies without proper planning, Childbirth is not a competition and too many children cannot be equated to success, so many people of late produce Children as luxury and resort to blame the rich for their predicament, a failure in the face, too much of Childbirth has crippled us for long, its sad the poor and helpless produce more children hoping to enslave them in the future as laborers.

Lastly, More funerals, more money: The Spiritual world is using funerals for business, without funerals some people wouldn’t eat so it has to occur constantly and in the shortest possible time, people are Killing others spiritually take spirituality serious, limit your circles to people with blood type A and B. If life was about Destiny you wouldn’t need to check before crossing the road, in that regard also, all prisoners should be released because it was in their Destiny to do what they did.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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