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The National  identification Authority has failed to appear in Upper West as aligned in their schedules.

According to the Authority, people of Upper west will be registered from:

12th September,2019 – 29th September,2019 (Upper West Region)

It is obvious the National Identification Authority has not met the expectations of the people of Upper West as Stated.

There were no new dates set for the process in Upper West keeping the procedure in suspense.

The National Identification Authority(NIA) is set to commence registration for the Ghana Card in the Savannah, North East and Northern Regions from Friday 4th October 2019 and end on Wednesday 23rd October 2019.
There are 750 registration centres in all, with 175 centres in the Savannah Region.
There are also 175 in North East and 400 centres in Northern Region respectively.
The registration is open to only Ghanaians aged 15 years and above and resident in the aforementioned Districts.
The National Identification Authority indicated that the registration is free.
Citizens are expected to go to the centres with birth certificate, valid Ghana passport , valid certificate of acquired citizenship and a Ghana Post Digital Address Code.
The NIA hinted that a relative issued with a Ghana Card can vouch for someone to register under oath, or two members of the community who have been issued with a Ghana Card.
The NIA, has registered a total of 2,902,035 eligible Ghanaians, printed 2,590,526 cards and has issued cards to 1,718,021 qualified Ghanaians across the country.


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